Sunday, August 14, 2011

Definition of Shutter Speed

By definition, the shutter speed is the time frame when the shutter on your camera is open. More easily, shutter speed means less time in which our sensor 'sees' the subject which we will photograph. Simply shutter speed is the time between us pushed the button on the camera shutter until the button is returned to its original position.

Definition of Shutter Speed

So easy, we translate this concept in some use in cameras:

  • Setting the shutter speed by 500 in your camera means the time span as much as 1 / 500 (seperlimaratus) seconds. Yes, it's as short and sekilat. As for exposure time of 30 seconds, you'll see posts like this: 30''
  • Setting the shutter speed on your camera is usually in multiples of 2, so we'll see a row like this: 1 / 500, 1 / 250, 1 / 125, 1 / 60, 1 / 30 ff. Now almost all the cameras also allow setting 1 / 3 stop, so more or less movement of shutter speed that is more tightly; 1 / 500, 1 / 400, 1 / 320, 1 / 250, 1 / 200, 1 / 160 ... and so on.
  • For sharp photos, use a shutter speed that is safe. Safety rules in most conditions is the setting shutter speed 1 / 60 or faster, so the resulting image will be sharp and safe from the shaded images (blur / out of focus). We can outsmart the safe limit of this with a tripod or use the Image Stabilization feature (discussed in upcoming posts)
  • Shutter speed that is safe limits are: shutter speed we must be greater than the length of our lens. So if we use a 50mm lens, use a minimum shutter 1 / 60 sec. If we use 17mm lenses, use a shutter speed of 1 / 30 sec.
  • Shutter speed to freeze motion. Use a shutter speed as high as reasonably achievable to freeze movement. The faster moving objects that we want to freeze the image, the faster the shutter speed is needed. To freeze the motion of a flying bird for instance, use the Shutter Priority mode and set shutter speed on the number 1 / 1000 sec (ideally the ISO set to auto option) so that the results are sharp. If you notice, so idolized photographer sport mode S / Tv this.
  • Intentional blur - the shutter speed to show motion effects. When photographing a moving object, we can deliberately slow shutter speed us to show the effects of the movement. Make sure you include at least one stationary object as the anchor image. Consider the photo below : 
Shutter Speed

Source :  Shutter Speed


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