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Edit Photo With Photoshop

Edit Photo - Learning Adobe Photoshop is actually very easy, provided you diligently study it. From Learning to Learn Photoshop and Corel Draw, we can start a business-related prints and businesses in the area of ​​the photo. To Learn Photoshop maybe you can follow the course of Photoshop or it could be a self-taught.

Edit Photo With Photoshop

Edit Photo With Photoshop

Basically print photos from any media instantly print the same pace had been so pictures we've got already. But sometimes we find the photo quality is very minimal, especially from HP lowend class whose quality mediocre, not-megapixel camera phone mania mah word. And what if the camera phone shots of the mediocre that it means a lot, and the moment was immortalized want to decorate your home photo album. Or sent to a friend print photo 8R size when hp is made to take pictures nokia 6600 or classmates. If we do not make modifications to the photo (Graphic Design Course), we can be sure the mold will be broken and spots arise due to the low-resolution photo. Well here I will share my experiences (Belajar Photoshop) how to print a low resolution photo can be printed up to 8R size or more.

1. Open a popular photo-processing applications, Adobe Photoshop

2. Open the file photo that was ditrasfer from hp to the hard drive

3. Click the image, image size

4. Will exit the dialog box image size, the document size: there seen the size of the photo in a unit of length.

5. Edit Photo - Change the width of two-dimensional photo-fold, if the width is 5 cm, the fox to 10 cm. make sure you check the box constrained proportion to the ratio of magnification photo balance between width and height. If you change the width of the photo by photo height will be adjusted automatically.

6. Change the resolution to a value of 300

7. Click OK

8. On the menubar click on the filter, highlight it and click despeckle noise


1. Adjust image size to the dimensions of the photo will be printed later, if you want to print to try 8R close to that size before it resized into canvas 8R

2. Enlarge the size of the photo before the despeckle, consider whether the photo was not too broken, if it still looks broken repeat again by pressing Ctrl + F. but remember not more than 2 times, because it will add a blur effect on the Edit Photo. Please see the Learning Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Course.



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